Kenshokai Japanese Swordsmanship Association’s mission is to preserve and teach traditional Japanese swordsmanship through the art of Iaido. Our dojo is located in the Little Tokyo area of Los Angeles. We welcome all earnest individuals who are serious about studying the art to apply for membership and train with us. At Kenshokai dojo, we teach traditional forms of iaido, as we were taught by our teachers. We trace our lineage directly back to sword master Nakayama Hakudo, famed martial artist of the early 20th century.

The purpose of Iaido is to unify the mind, body, and spirit through the precise techniques of swordsmanship. The goal is to improve the life of the practitioner by enhancing their focus, concentration and alertness through practice and discipline. The guiding principle of our teaching is Katsu-jin-ken, the sword that gives life, over Satsu-jin-ken, the sword that takes life.

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